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When excellence is the only option

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Accommodating You and Your Schedule.

We understand that an active schedule like yours needs to be flexible, and we can immediately adjust your travel arrangements as needed. If you need any additional service at your destination, your personal concierge is ready to make it happen.

Catering to Your Preferences.

We take a personal approach in order to provide you with the most comfortable flight possible. Do you have favourite food, drink, or reading material? Whatever you wish, it will be ready and waiting when you board your flight.


No matter how big – or small – your group of travelers, we can provide an aircraft that fits your needs.

We assist you with all travel arrangements, ground transfers, catering, and even branding for these and other group events:

  • Conferences
  • Incentive travel
  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Movie/TV production

e–Jet is your freight delivery solution… ...especially when the clock is ticking

Whether you need spare parts for grounded aircraft, or industrial machine parts to keep production going and meet deadlines, e-Jet can transport even dangerous or luxury items more safely and rapidly than conventional airline cargo.

Air Ambulance

When time is of the essence and conventional transport isn’t enough, e-Jet can charter ambulatory flights worldwide and is experienced in providing seamless air ambulance charters.


Get to any location fast and hassle-free. Heli-skiing in the backcountry? Business meeting in a remote location? E-Jet offers a wide range of helicopter charters, whatever your needs may be.

Let e-Jet assist you with your next air charter experience.

24/7 Contact

+420 731 529 007

Toll Free No. US & Canada

+1 800 956 1467